2012 EP

by Vanzetti

The hunters they can hunt us and could kill us if they tried. One thing to always notice is the glimmer in their eye when they lie to the pigs and the sheep huddled up in rages that free days are coming just beyond those metal cages "oh our hard days of labor and the pains we've endured are soon to be rewarded just beyond that iron door" one behind the other march toward the sound of harps im sure all the blades will be oiled well and tempered sharp were going home we walk through the depths of a long deep cave black lion waits. We drag thick chains diggin along hard ground black iron weights. The black lion sits in its clandestine cave. Feeds off the wolves who yearn to barter its slaves. The time in its presence is a present and a choice of infinite gold or bled out by the sun lord. Vibrations will change from universes to shores. Dont believe me dont fear but evolution is near... yes we are home paradise throne where all minds are given the freedom to roam. Splintered sun lets you ride the lions light. Use your eyes to realize paradise.
Oh where has the days gone? It seems there's only time to cry. We are living on borrowed time. The seas are building up so high. We must leave the city. there's no one left to wonder why. The years have taught us clearly the tallest statues will subside. the pyramid and seeing eye the thieves will stay in denial. These walls lead to a dark hole in non-earth is where we follow as it stumbles down hill, too high to climb, too hard to break. The other way just open sky and barren plain. In a place where all life has died. Our acts still fresh behind our eyes. Still consequential still inside. kill all the reasons left to die. Beat em and they'll beat you all right back. Those bastards are on full attack. There's a place ever safe on this wave for us in a realm permanent that we cannot touch. there's a light ever present in the drifting mind. There's a clue in the rhetoric we cannot find. We're in the tall grass, we're in the soft trees, come take a walk man we're fading softly. We're on the west end or somewhere in between just take a walk man we're fading softly.
We're dancing on hollow ground. we're planting with tainted seed. We're victims of a silent war indifferent to the warning to heed. Pale horse down trotten. The fruits gone rotten. The beast's not stopping and we're just dropping like flies. It's changing all natural worlds. It's chaining up the free born. Its the seed in the land. It's the blood covering the lamb. We live in the middle of a blind age. Never knew never lived til you tried it let em know we are screaming in a slow march. let the man talk. (Everything that is on this physical plane is an exteriorization of a thought and in order to be so exteriorized that thought must go through a certain course or process. Thoughts are conceived in the heart. They are born in the brain. Even the lowest on this physical plane. *For this is the time for doubt the bubble of falsehood is bursting and its sound is the roar of the world.) We walk among the dead, breathe without regret. * Quote from - Satanic Bible: Robert Anton Lavey
Au Revoir 09:09
Get on the road. Planted is sorrow. Can't find the golden stare. Barter is slow. Can't find a buyer. Lay us down anywhere. Thunder clap! rain scare au revoir. We are but ghosts in the universal eye singing Au revoir good bye love. Fallen star corrupts the ever clean. Collapsing cinder blocks lining the streets. Darkness erodes but the eys are the fault lines. Beast has us in his stare. It's not the way its just the one we take lately knowing it goes no where. Lay us down anywhere. Take me to the river lord make my filthy clean. I've always been so good to my brothers. Why punish me? Find the comfort in the storm (or cease to be). Find the comfort in the eyes (it's all yours to see).


released November 15, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by William Deeb. Percussion on "Au Revoir" by John Young, Tom Fahey, Adam Blake & Justin Mara.


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